About Us

About Us

Marta Fluvià Agency was created in 2016. Since then, our team has been working responsibly and with the enthusiasm that professionals in the sector aspire to and deserve.

During these years, the agency has consolidated professional synergies, both nationally and internationally, with other agencies, authors, producers and translators. Thanks to this collaboration with agents in the sector, the agency has made possible the premiere of plays by our clients outside our borders, thus establishing important collaborations.

Currently, Marta Fluvià Agency represents a significant part of the Spanish contemporary playwriting and professionals of the sector benefit from our services to obtain national and international author’s rights.

A culture that protects authors’ rights safeguards creativity and, therefore, the intellectual wealth that shapes it. It is in our hands to do so.

Marta Fluvià

Marta Fluvià

With a background in theatre production, Marta Fluvià has accumulated extensive experience in the performing arts sector. Optimistic and with a great capacity for leadership, from an early age she combined her training in classical dance, business administration and theatre performance. In 2003, she founded La Troca Promocions Artístiques, undertaking the distribution of shows, theatrical programmes and in-house productions. There, she collaborated with some of the most important theatres in our country: TNC, CDN and Teatre Lliure, among others. She produced more than thirty shows in a decade. In 2011, she created HamletStore, the first online shop for scenographic material. She founded Marta Fluvià Agency as a seasoned professional, convinced that there is a long way to go in terms of author’s rights and with the idea of contributing all her personal and professional experience to strengthening the configuration of literary agencies specialising in dramaturgy, for the benefit of dramaturgy and its national and international projection.

Casandra Lungu


At the age of 22, she arrives in Catalonia from Romania and fulfils her dream of becoming an actress. Since then, her personal and professional life has swung between two worlds: the stage and the communication and PR field. She is a social media person, a traveller, a storyteller, curious and creative to the bitter end.

Diego A. Moscoso


Economist from the Universitat de Girona. He was part of the university theatre group for two years. After working in the banking and industrial sectors, he finds his place in the performing arts and copyright industry. He manages billing, administration, and social security for the agency

Adam Lalaoui


Passionate of technology and innovation. International Business Information Systems Undergraduate at Furtwangen Hochschule University. Experience as 2nd Level IT Support at Ecolab. Currently Senior Digital Employee Experience and Mobile Telephony Analyst at Schneider Electric. Aviation geek.