About us

About us

Marta Fluvià founded the agency in 2016. With a background in the field of Theatre Production, with more than 15 years of experience in the Performing Arts sector, she is the founder of La Troca Promocions Artístiques and the HamletStore, the first on-line shop for scenographic material. She created the agency with the conviction that there is a much to be done in the field of copyrights and to uphold the role of literary agents specialised in dramaturgy.

She and her team tackle this business challenge every day, with the enthusiasm and responsibility that professionals in the sector deserve and expect.

Since its creation the agency has forged professional ties at an international level with other agencies, authors, producers and translators. This close collaboration with professionals in the sector has led to premieres of works by our authors outside our borders, as well as valuable synergies and complicities. This is our road map, as we keep on striving to promote and protect creativity.

We also offer performing arts professionals a full range of services related to taxes, labour and accounting obligations. We are specialised in procedures related to the Social Security requirements applicable to artists. We work in close collaboration with Audifisc, an agency specialised in the performing arts and audits of grants in the performing arts sphere.

We manage copyrights at the international level